Narrowly Escaping Death on the Crosswalk (& Other Goings On)

So, the one thing about college life that really bothers me for no reason at all is that no one waits for the crosswalk light. Sometimes it’s because there are absolutely no cars for miles and it’s ridiculous to wait that long. I’ll wait. I don’t care. Standing at crosswalks waiting for the light to turn is one of those mundane things that I enjoy being a part of. Other times, there are cars. Sure, at 25 mph you’re not likely to be hit or even injured if you do get hit. But that doesn’t mean you can roll through on your bike. Just wait. You’ll get there on time. You have a bike. People do it on foot too. That’s life though. People narrowly escape death on crosswalks. It happens.

I’m looking to start a new club, Music Production Club, here on the OU campus. Unfortunately, in my freshman ignorance, I scheduled the first interest meeting on the Saturday of homecoming. Oops. No one showed. However, I did get an email from a guy named Parker, who is interested in the club and didn’t see the flyer until after the non-existent meeting. Maybe Parker will be a co-founder. I need some help spreading the word. Anyway, more updates to come on MPC. It’s still in the beginning stages.

Speaking of music… It’s extremely difficult to record in a college dorm. The quietest room I could find had a low-frequency hum from the AC unit. I’ve settled for recording bass and everything else I don’t have to be quiet for. My long term goal is to finish my album, but it would also be awesome to not have to because I land a record deal or something like that. I can dream. I’m currently trying to play some shows in local venues, specifically the Riverwind Casino. Maybe if I get the gig I’ll try my hand at some Blackjack.

Bad Grandpa. It’s a good movie, regardless of the crude humor. Some would debate that the humor wasn’t to the usual “Jackass” franchise standards. I though it was heartwarming and hilarious. If you like a decent movie with some “oh-that-was-just-too-far” kind of humor then I would definitely recommend it.

Overall, life is good. Work is good, although my GM is moving to a different job entirely and a few other people are quitting or taking other jobs. That’s life at Shoe Carnival. People don’t stay there forever. But I like it there, and I’ll probably be there for the next 4 years or so. Unless it closes in 2 years when the building lease is up… We’ll see. I’ll get a┬ájob working night shift at 7/11 if that happens.

I’ll keep you posted.

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